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I cycled to work using the same route twice a week, an approximate round trip of 11 miles. Attached to the front of my bicycle was a Super 8 camera rigged up with a cable release attached to the gear shifter and set up to take a single frame every time I changed gear. I continued filming my journey in this way until I ran out of film. It compresses 88 days into nearly 3 minutes.
Gear Change Action is a record of my repeated journey through the changes in attitude of my body as it negotiates the London rush hour traffic. It remains as both a literal representation of a mechanical process, enabling efficient passage from A – B, and a reflection of my response to the changing topography and interaction with other road users throughout the year.

The daily trip becoming part of the ennui of daily routine is transformed into a high-speed action packed thrill ride, recalling only the points of interest triggered by external and unexpected forces.