28/09/10 Things didnt quite go according to plan... the involvment of other groups, outreach projects etc. but I decided to concentrate on the solo act of the building of sandcastles.

19/02/10 Oh dear, the last message fell on stoney ground. But at long last I have a project in the making. From July until September I will be running SEALINE along the south east coast of England. In commemoration of the 70th anniversary of the threat of invasion from Nazi Germany during WWII I will be building a wall of pillbox shaped sandcastles along the beach from Ramsgate to Portsmouth. Along this route I hope to connect with other artists / groups and collaborate in spin off projects in the various seaside towns I pass thorugh.

21/06/09 Back in business!! After a few months of not making any of my own art (too busy fabricating stuff for the likes of Richard Wilson, Anish Kapoor and The National Theatre) I have at last blown the dust off previous unfinished projects, given myself a good talking to and got back to it. With a bit of luck there will be new work appearing soon. Ive also been making banjos and cigarbox guitars and will have images of them online shortly too (i'm hoping to start an old timey jug / string band...if you can play the jug, washboard, kazoo, fiddle or any other outdated noise maker and are interested in joining let me know).

06/02/09 New sculpture. Wreckin Ball is now being shown at Art Gene, Barrow-in-Furness as part of their U-Hang project. A private view will be taking place on the 26th of Feb.

13/11/08 I have been invited to take part in the U-Hang project at Art Gene from 04/03/09. I will be making a sculpture called Wreckin' Ball...drawings coming soon.

05/11/08 You Are Here; In Medias Res will be shown at "Not On White Paper" drawing exhibition at Malt Cross Gallery, Nottingham from 03/12/08.

11/10/08 New Video. Gotham Shitty Will be shown as part of the Swansea Fringe International Film Night at Elysium Gallery on Friday 31st October from 7.30. For more details go to

04/08/08 New Drawings, Studies for Incomplete Open Tower are now in the Drawings section

04/08/08 Incomplete Open Tower is now at Barnwell Country Park and will be there for 1 month. So far its largest incarnation at approximateley 8m x 3m x 1.9m

05/06/08 NEW WORK: Universal Attraction as shown at Francis Hair Fashions Gallery now in the "WALL DRAWINGS" section

01/06/08 NEW WORK: Gear Change Action now online in the "FILM, VIDEO AND ANIMATION" section. Footage of THE RACE has also been uploaded.

05/05/08 Two new artists have joined The Lookoutpost Project: Rupert Hartley and David Smith. Check out their work at

20/02/08 More Upstaging Nature images have been uploaded onto the Lookoutpost website

26/10/07 At long last!! the first of the images from Upstaging Nature... Incomplete Open Tower as built at Sydenham Hill Wood. More images will be put onto the Lookoutpost website soon. Please be patient.

27/07/07 Don't forget Upstaging Nature will be happening at Sydenham Hill Wood SE26 25th - 27th of August.

10/05/07 NEW ARTWORK!! Incomplete Open Tower will be shown at Stockwell Open Studios on the 08/06/07 go to link for further details.

17/09/06 The Daily Grind #2 will be showing at the Liverpool Biennial as part of The Projection Gallery