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The Race        
The Daily Grind #2  
Gear Change Action  
The Persistance of Vision    
The image on the left uses found standard 8 film. Unedited footage of holiday goers racing towards the viewer, sack race, wheelbarrow race etc. Short snappy shots resulting from the limeted amount of film time available (usually clock-work cameras). The image on the right is Super 8 footage, taken on the Norfolk coast. This is the full length of film (approximately 3 minutes), shot from a single view point, of the sea repeatedly breaking onto the shore.

Duration is the most prevalent quality within the films. The human time-scale circumscribed by our genetic coding, a brief explosion of energy which barely registers in the infinity of absolute time. A flash of life, bound by questioning and experimentation in a race to evolve. The time-scale of the sea being permanent and reliable, both destructive and constructive.

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